Founded in 1976, Foodspec Co. is led by its three directors Ralf Olsen (Managing Director) Gino Ramasray (Director), Ashen Ramasray (Director – Flow/Capital Equipment) and Jenal Harduth (Head of Flavour Sales). The Company has been operating in the South African food, beverage and dairy industry for over 42 years, selling a range of products, which include flavours, stabilisers, flow and processing equipment. The majority of products are imported, many of them in accordance to the highest standards e.g. ISO, HACCP,BRC etc. Foodspec has offices situated in Durban and Johannesburg.

Throughout its existence Foodspec has done business with a wide range of food and beverage companies in South Africa. Core customers have been the significant dairies, beverage manufacturers, confectionary, snack food and fine food markets. However, the meat (vegan) industry has also shown promising growth.